Uniontown seeks support for clinic



April 2, 2018 - 11:00 PM

MORAN — Allen County’s neighbors to the east are seeking a new medical clinic.

Sally Johnson, representing a group of Uniontown residents, spoke Monday to Moran City Council members about her group’s efforts to attract a clinic.

While acknowledging Moran has its own clinic — Allen County Regional Hospital’s center is open two afternoons a week — Johnson figures enough outlying residents might be enticed to go to Uniontown for convenience’s sake.

“What we’re asking of Moran and its citizens is if you would support” Union-town’s quest.

Johnson noted Bourbon County’s only medical presence is Mercy Hospital in Fort Scott while “Allen County has several. We’re just really in need of better health care in Bourbon County,” she said

The effort is spearheaded by the Uniontown Ruritan Club, which has reached out to Girard Medical Center to provide nurse practitioners or other medical professionals, Johnson said.

But first, the locals are in the data-gathering stage, by surveying community interest in such a venture.

“Because you have a clinic in town, we won’t compete with you,” Johnson said. “We just wanted to give you a heads up with what we wanted to do, and maybe even garner some support.”

Council members said nothing in opposition.

RACHEL McDonald, tapped as the general manager of the Marmaton Market if and when the local food cooperative buys Stub’s Market in Moran, spoke with Council members about the group’s quest for county funding.

Marmaton Market has applied for a $100,000 grant from the county, and could know as early as today whether the grant was successful.

Council members expressed their support for the request.

“To me, it’s a no-brain-er,” Councilman Jerry Wallis said, pointing to the difficulty many elderly residents in town would face should Moran lose its store.

“I don’t look at this as a financial investment, it’s a social investment,” agreed Larry Manes, one of the cooperative’s leading advocates.

Manes noted the county has mentioned the possibility of offering a low- or zero-interest loan instead of a grant.

COUNCIL members expressed little enthusiasm to a request from Josh Maley to have the city put rock in an alley behind his house near the intersection of Linn and Franklin streets.

“The sticky thing is, if we do one alley, why don’t we do all of them?” Merkel responded.

The city is limited in the rock it could use, Merkel noted, because much of it comes from the county.

Council members encouraged Maley to approach his neighbors to solve the issue.

FIREWORKS sales will be extended a day, through July 5, to conform with state law. The city’s previous ordinance cut off sales at the end of July 4. However, rainy weather on Independence Day 2017 meant many residents shot off their fireworks the next day.

Allowing sales an extra day also allows vendors an opportunity for closeout sales, Council members noted.