Kim keeps world guessing


World News

January 2, 2020 - 9:51 AM

North Koreans and outside observers expecting leader Kim Jong Un to make his traditional address on New Year’s morning instead were handed a new script that enhanced his unpredictable image.

North Korea opened 2020 by issuing an almost 4,400-word text that outlined what Kim had to say after a rare and lengthy meeting of the ruling party that started in the final days of December. There was no speech as of afternoon local time.

Instead, North Korean state TV showed Kim leading the four-day Workers’ Party meeting, with the stentorian narration that has long accompanied the regime’s biggest propaganda moments. Kim had delivered a televised address every year since 2013, and speculation was building for months about what he might say hours after the expiration of his year-end deadline for Trump to ease up on sanctions.

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