Virus pushes beyond Asia

The spread of coronavirus has health officials in Europe and the Middle East scrambling to limit the spread. The virus has showed signs of stabilizing in China, where it originated.


World News

February 24, 2020 - 10:18 AM

Schiavonia Hospital's red zone is off limits in Padova, Italy, on Saturday. The hHospital closed in quarantine due to the presence of COVID-19 patients. (Massimo Bertolini/NurPhoto/Getty Images/TNS)

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The new virus took aim at a broadening swath of the globe today, with officials in Europe and the Middle East scrambling to limit the spread of an outbreak that showed signs of stabilizing at its Chinese epicenter but posed new threats far beyond.

In Italy, authorities set up roadblocks, called off soccer matches and shuttered sites including the famed La Scala opera house. In Iran, a report of dozens of deaths in a single city emerged as infections were reported to have spread for the first time to Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain and Afghanistan. Across the world, stock markets and futures dipped, with the Dow down more than 800 points in the opening minutes of trading.

The number of people sickened by the coronavirus topped 79,000 globally, and wherever it sprung up, officials rushed to try to contain it.

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