A look back in time


October 31, 2018 - 12:16 PM

30 Years Ago
November 1988

Helen Gates Whitehead, who died Sunday morning, left nearly $1 million to benefit Iolans. Her will directs that trusts be created to benefit the cultural attractions fund of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center, to provide instruction and social opportunities for Iola youngsters and to provide scholarships for local students interested in the graphic arts, the fine arts and home economics. The will calls for the money to be invested and only the income spent each year so the benefit to the community will be perpetual. In addition, Mrs. Whitehead was the sole beneficiary of the Russell R. Brown trust which has assets of about $184,000. Income from that trust is to be distributed quarterly to ACCC for scholarships to students who “show an interest in gaining a higher education.” Mrs. Whitehead and her husband, Ralph, owned and operated the Whitehead Cabins, a tourist motel located on the corner of State Street and West, where Greaves Market is now located. She also was a legal secretary who was employed for some years by the firm of Apt and Enfield.


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