Biden team details COVID strategy

Hats off to President-elect Joe Biden for stepping up immediately on this critical issue, despite Trump’s churlish orders to his administration not to cooperate with Biden during the transition period.



November 12, 2020 - 8:54 AM

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden puts on his face mask after making remarks about the Affordable Care Act and COVID-19 after attending a virtual coronavirus briefing with medical experts at The Queen theater on October 28, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images/TNS)

President Donald Trump appears set to spend his remaining weeks in office pushing lies about election fraud, even as the coronavirus pandemic surges out of control.

What a picture this presents to the world: an outgoing leader who refuses to give up power, even as he fails to confront surging COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths, including in so-called red states. Just in the past week, roughly one in every 441 Americans has tested positive for the virus.

Trump’s behavior presents a stunning picture to the world of a decaying democracy — unable to handle elections or the virus. This disarray could tempt America’s adversaries to seek advantage during this transition period. And don’t kid yourself that Pfizer’s preliminary announcement of an effective vaccine will resolve the pandemic any time soon.

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