Breathing life back into The Sun

Newspaper veteran Larry Hiatt has a history of rescuing ailing publications. His latest venture is the Pittsburg Morning Sun.



August 27, 2021 - 11:58 AM

Larry and Sharon Hiatt

Over his 60 years in the business, Larry Hiatt has become a newspaper “whisperer,” rescuing publications on the path to ignominious death.

Susan Lynn, Register editor

His most recent — and by far most challenging — endeavor is the Pittsburg Morning Sun, which in the last decade has become a shell of its former self, Hiatt said, a fate that he takes personally. 

As a student at Pittsburg State University, Hiatt worked at the paper, which then had a morning and evening edition, the Morning Sun and Evening Globe, and published seven days a week. Back then, it was delivered to 16,000 households. Its peak exceeded 20,000 subscribers.

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