Brownback reforms still haunt statehouse



April 22, 2018 - 11:00 PM

The specter of Sam Brown-back haunted the Kansas statehouse last week in the form of a proposition that would place unchecked power for funding public schools in the legislature’s hands.

Beginning with his election as governor in 2010 Brown-back and his allies blamed the Kansas Supreme Court for the state’s financial distress. Remember that they tried to intimidate the Court into submission on school funding. That did not work. They next proposed to pack the Court with partisan judges. That went nowhere. Then they campaigned to oust judges standing for retention. Voters rejected that ploy.

Brownback acolytes are now back for a last hurrah — pushing forward on the former governor’s call to rewrite the Kansas Constitution and slam the door on the Court from ever again reviewing the adequacy of funding public schools. House Judiciary Chair Blaine Finch hosted the ghost by ramming an amendment out of his committee after a couple hours of hearings.

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