Candidates get A-plus for sticking to issues



July 10, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Let’s say Kansas state Sen. Laura Kelly wins the Aug. 7 Democratic primary and becomes her party’s gubernatorial nominee, and that voter-fraud obsessed Kris Kobach, the bombastic secretary of state, wins his GOP primary, too. How aggressively would careful Kelly take on cowboy Kobach?

Her strongest Democratic rival, Josh Svaty, keeps raising that question and did again in a new way by gigging Kelly on her vote for a 2011 voter fraud bill pushed by Kobach. A federal court recently threw out the law’s requirement that Kansans registering to vote must show proof of citizenship.

Svaty, who had obviously been saving up this goody, went after Kelly in a Thursday debate for “saying we have to stand up to Kris Kobach, even though you voted for his voter registration SAFE Act” that the court found unconstitutional.

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