A new ‘normal’ for a changing world

During World II all Americans were asked to make sacrifices. Meat, sugar, shoes, tires and fuel were rationed. Did they whine and scream and their rights and government overreach? I'm sure some did.



July 10, 2020 - 3:16 PM

During my years in journalism, one of my jobs was as editor and publisher of The Hays Daily News.

Julie Doll

One day, a student working on a master’s in history visited the newspaper to share his research for his master’s thesis, which focused on the history of the newspaper. 

Frank Motz founded the Hays Daily News in 1929, not long after the stock market crashed. I had always assumed the 1930s were tough for Motz and his young newspaper, but his research showed that the years during World War II were even tougher.

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