‘Axe the Food Tax’ aligns with Thrive Allen County’s mission

Our focus is to improve health and wellness, economic conditions and community resources. Eliminating the state tax on food sales would provide relief to those deciding between groceries or other necessities.



April 14, 2022 - 3:35 PM

(Mario Tama/Getty Images/TNS)

Now more than ever, Kansas families need relief from the state’s food sales tax. Kansans pay 6.5% in state sales tax on groceries — the second highest in the country. In addition to the tax, we have all felt the effects of the pandemic-induced inflation, which is making it harder to put food on the table. At Thrive Allen County, we focus on improving health and wellness, economic conditions, and community resources in our county and throughout the state. 

The “Axe the Food Tax” plan is in lockstep with the mission of Thrive. It helps all Kansans by putting money back in their pockets, providing relief to those deciding between groceries or other necessities, and enabling Kansans to select nutritious and wholesome foods without the higher sales tax barrier. This plan to eliminate the state sales tax on food would benefit our rural grocery stores, by allowing residents to spend more money on actual groceries instead of on sales taxes.

Food insecurity plagues communities across the state, but it is especially prevalent in our region of Southeast Kansas. According to data from Feeding America, one in six Southeast Kansans is food insecure, including one in four Southeast Kansas children. Food insecurity impacts and hinders children’s brain development and growth. Reducing food insecurity through the common sense action of passing a clean “Axe the Food Tax” bill helps ensure the healthy growth of Kansas children for the short and long-term.

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