Growing gender inequalities spell trouble for Kansas

The gender pay gap in Kansas has widened over the past five years. On average Kansas women make 78 cents for every dollar Kansas men make. The national average is 82 cents per dollar.



February 21, 2022 - 9:17 AM


United Women’s Empowerment (United WE), a nonprofit organization based in Kansas City, and the Institute for Policy and Social Research at the University of Kansas released a report earlier this month showing that gender inequality has grown in our state since 2016. 

Women’s labor supply and employment has been hugely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years. Increased caregiving responsibilities and the closure of in-person schools and daycare centers have forced many women caregivers out of the labor force. 

Additionally, women in Kansas are more likely to work in sectors that were subject to layoffs due to the pandemic.

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