I’m in Ukraine to learn if it can survive Putin’s aggression

I want to hear from Ukrainians whether they can hold out until the U.S. and its Western European allies finally recognize that Kyiv is fighting for their freedom, too.



July 12, 2022 - 3:04 PM

Rescuers carry the body of a man after a building was partially destroyed following shelling in Chasiv Yar, eastern Ukraine, on July 10, 2022. (Anatolii Stepanov/AFP via Getty Images/TNS)

When you read this column, I’ll be on my way to Ukraine.

It will be a vastly different trip than the one I took in February just prior to the Russian invasion. Only five months ago, I was able to wander the attractive streets of downtown Mariupol, visit the yacht club, take a photo in front of the historic drama theater.

Today, the city of Mariupol no longer exists, all its buildings razed or damaged, 500,000 citizens dead or scattered, the theater deliberately bombed despite having 1,000 civilians within its walls.

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