Kelly’s veto saves rural schools. Will Kobach care?

This is not a dry academic exercise. As many as 100 of the state’s school districts reportedly will struggle to come up with potentially dramatic last-second budget cuts, if indeed a court rules the governor exceeded her authority. 



May 24, 2023 - 3:42 PM

It’s kind of quiet, as these things go, but Kansas is suddenly in the middle of a state constitutional crisis. 

After a grueling legislative session, Gov. Laura Kelly last week signed a school funding bill into law. That’s the good news. Controversially, though, she used a line-item veto to eliminate a provision of the bill that would suddenly — some say unexpectedly — alter the state’s school finance formula to cut funding Kansas school districts with declining enrollments. 

Letting that part of the bill pass, Kelly said, would have “immediate devastating effects” on many of the state’s rural schools. 

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