Kobach’s threats of China usurping Kansas property a familiar scare tactic

Attorney General maintains state's food source is in danger of foreign takeover



October 4, 2023 - 2:21 PM

According to Kansas State University economists, less than 1 acre of Kansas property is owned by China. UNSPLASH/JEN WEWER

Take a guess: How much Kansas land does China own? 

It’s probably not a lot — you probably would have heard something about it if so — but it can’t be nothing, right? American right-wingers have spent much of the last year raising alarms about Chinese communists buying up farmland across the country and passing laws against foreign ownership, so there’s got to be a there there. Right? 

So: Is it 10,000 acres? Or maybe just 1,000 acres. Or even just 100? 

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