The complexity of life and health exemptions to a ban on abortions

Kansas already restricts abortion after 22 weeks. Further restrictions such as an outright ban, which conservative legislators have already proposed, would greatly threaten women whose pregnancies endanger their lives.



July 29, 2022 - 2:07 PM

Andrea Huseman, 37, with her husband Andrew Ballenger, 46, and their daughter Emma Ballenger, 4, from Arlington, Texas, during an abortion rights protest at the City Hall in Dallas on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

Life and health exemptions to abortion bans are complex. With the legality of abortion effectively on Tuesday’s Aug. 2 ballot, Kansans should understand how looming government regulations might affect women’s health.

If the abortion amendment passes, the Kansas legislature will likely ban all or most abortions soon. Conservatives have generally avoided talking about abortion bans during this campaign, instead opting for emotional arguments that often mislead voters about threats to current abortion regulations and what types of abortions are actually occurring here.

But recently, conservatives have started going off script. Most notably, the Kansas Reflector reported on comments from conservative legislators and an activist group staffer about House Bill (HB) 2746.

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