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May 3, 2019 - 5:30 PM

It’s May! For those of us who like to garden or who like to eat fresh vegetables, it is the beginning of the happiest time of year. The Allen County Farmers’ Market will be open for business every Thursday evening from now until October. SNAP dollars are doubled at the market, allowing folks who use SNAP to purchase delicious items from the vendors and double their benefit dollar.

It’s extremely hard to eat nutritious food when your funds are limited. People become used to eating the same variety of foods and sometimes have a hard time adding new and better quality foods to their diets.

This will be the fourth year that Humanity House addresses this issue. At the Humanity House Community Garden, not only do area gardeners have a chance to grow their own produce, but we grow tons of food to give to those who are elderly, disabled, live on very limited budgets, have compromised health, or who just want to try something new. 

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