Deplorable conditions led to prison riot



April 25, 2018 - 11:00 PM

I know you don’t care, or not enough, that seven prisoners were killed and an additional 17 injured during a riot this month at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina.

I know that despite declarations that many in our area are followers of Jesus, who admonished us to love even prisoners, you don’t care. It probably doesn’t bother you the riot happened after officials put members of rival gangs in the same dormitory at Lee, even though those officials claim the eruption of violence was caused by a fight over contraband.

I know legislators don’t care, which is why they show no urgency to fix under-staffing that has plagued Carolinas prisons for several years, a problem that has made conditions increasingly dire for the incarcerated and for those who earn a living inside those walls.

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