Don’t stop drilling on federal land



February 10, 2021 - 8:47 AM

Most Americans, in fact nearly all Americans, get around using vehicles that use gasoline. And nearly all of our goods are delivered in trucks that use diesel. If there’s no fuel, those vehicles don’t magically start running on water or banana peels or old gym socks or any other substance, natural or man-made.

This is a hard, difficult truth that Americans must absorb as the White House seeks to cut greenhouse gas pollution that comes from burning fossil fuels. The administration is putting a fair amount of energy into strategies that do not support that stated goal. Among these is President Joe Biden’s executive order to halt leasing on federal lands for oil and gas production. If America produces less oil, drivers will still fill their tanks, only with fuel made from oil produced somewhere else.

Two weeks ago, Biden announced a set of executive orders designed to meet the goal of significantly and quickly reducing carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change. Among the orders is a directive to the Department of Interior to pause all oil and gas leasing on federal lands until the department can review its fossil fuel leasing policies. Reviewing policies is a good move; halting leasing is not.

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