Downtown tree revives tradition



December 13, 2019 - 4:50 PM

Humboldt High cheerleaders, from left, Chloe Daniels, Abby Rinehart, Ella Lassman, Madison Reibel, Morgan Sterling, and bent over, Jailynn Goforth, front, and Cami Wood, helped decorate a Christmas tree now in the middle of Bridge and Eighth streets.

Though it pales to many recent Humboldt undertakings, a Christmas tree stands in the middle of the intersection of Bridge and Eighth streets.

In the 1950’s, cedars were cut from nearby farms and brought downtown. They were decorated and in short order became a Christmastime standard, back when Eighth Street was U.S. 169.

Then, for reasons hidden in the mists of time, the trees were no more. 

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