Get the jab, keep the job

About 92% of New York City's employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19 per the mayor's order. That makes for a safer workforce, safer community.



November 5, 2021 - 4:04 PM

Cristian Obretin, a Peter Lugo Restaurant worker, displays his CDC Vaccination Card after being vaccinated on an NYC Mobile Vaccine Clinic bus in Brooklyn.

The garbage is still being collected, the streets are still being patrolled, the fires are still being doused and the ambulance calls are still being answered — and 92% of the city’s nearly 400,000 employees are vaccinated against COVID. It’s proof that NYC Mayor de Blasio’s universal vax mandate is working, despite the wailing of dead-enders about a supposed violation of their rights.

Sure, there is a rapidly diminishing pool of latecomers, about 9,000 refusers who’ve temporarily lost their paychecks and another 12,000 who’ve applied for medical or religious exemptions. But the mayor’s plan, stupidly resisted by foolish union leaders, succeeded in getting the vast majority protected while maintaining city services. 

From Monday to Tuesday, another 2,000 municipal workers did the smart thing and took the needle. It only pinches for a second, but it may save your life and will certainly save your paycheck — and you still get the 100 bucks.

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