GOP voters have solid choice in AG race

Kobach has no business in public office ever again, but our support for Mattivi is not based on the weakness of his opponents.



July 20, 2022 - 5:11 PM

Republicans vying for the Attorney General nomination in the Aug. 2 primary election are, from left, Kris Kobach, Tony Mattivi and Kellie Warren. (Kansas Reflector photos by Tim Carpenter and Sherman Smith)

Kansas voters registered as Republicans face three choices on the Aug. 2 ballot for the GOP nomination for state attorney general. 

We enthusiastically endorse Tony Mattivi in the race. That’s not because we substantively support his positions on most matters of public policy. Rather, it’s because while speaking with The Star Editorial Board, he revealed himself to be a serious and thoughtful conservative voice with the attitude of a public servant, not a politicking showboat angling for national attention. 

“I plan to be an attorney general who’s focused on being the Kansas attorney general, not on getting on Fox News, and not campaigning for whatever office comes next in a political career,” he told us. 

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