Lessons from synagogue attack

We should use this moment — thankfully without the spilling of innocent blood — to reflect on the toll of increasing intolerance.



January 18, 2022 - 8:11 AM

A law enforcement vehicle sits near the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue on Jan. 16, 2022 in Colleyville, Texas. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images/TNS)

Emotions have been everywhere over what happened in Colleyville Saturday night — relief, gratitude, anger, fear, frustration, exhaustion.

The attack on Congregation Beth Israel ended without the bloodshed of the innocent, an answer to many prayers being sent up from every faith community in this region. We are all thankful for that.

The relief is almost overwhelming that what could have been a massacre of our neighbors in their own place of worship ended not in their deaths but with the brave actions of our law enforcement officers and the safe return home of those who were held captive.

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