Royals break ice on downtown location

We applaud the Royals’ decision to begin talking with the community about their plans. At the same time, important new questions and concerns about the downtown stadium remain unanswered.



December 19, 2022 - 5:26 PM

The Kansas City Royals have held their first “listening session” to explain plans for a downtown baseball stadium and a nearby village of shops and restaurants. 

The $2 billion stadium district would include $1 billion for the ballpark, and another $1 billion for an adjacent entertainment venue. 

Questions were submitted on notecards, and screened. Audience members had to register before attending. That isn’t the best way to conduct a town hall, although that’s a quibble: By the time the plan goes to voters (if it goes to voters) there will be plenty of opportunity for the public to make its voice heard in ways the team can’t control.

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