Good nutrition, and the means to deliver it, essential to students



March 8, 2019 - 5:29 PM

In every culture, in every corner of the world, and in every city in Kansas, food guides the direction of the lives we lead. When love is flourishing, food is the compass. When words are not enough, food speaks. When families seek time and togetherness, food inspires. 

Creating these moments is my world as the Director of Nutrition Services for Iola School District, and I take great pride and passion in using cuisine to impact lives. The upcoming bond questions have the potential to drastically transform our community, and it all starts with…breakfast?

The importance of a meal can be vastly underrated. We tend to count any food as such, but real meals happen on regular occasion and fuel both the body and mind. At school, meal-times offer students the opportunity to build relationships and strengthen social skills. Parents can take advantage of meal-time at home to be role models and set examples. Children absorb these examples and refine these social skills in society, heightening their sense of belonging and boosting self-esteem.

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