How U.S. female activists are working to rescue Afghan women

A 60-year-old mom and others are fighting to save women in Afghanistan. The U.S. government should follow suit.



August 26, 2021 - 9:10 AM

Afghan women walk through the old quarters of Kabul on July 12, 2021. (Sajjad Hussain/AFP via Getty Images/TNS)

Amid the anguishing news about the Taliban’s recapture of Afghanistan came the uplifting story of a 60-year-old Oklahoma woman who organized the escape of 10 members of the Afghan all-girls robotics team.

“I just decided to take any action I could to save a few,” Allyson Reneau wrote on Instagram, next to a photograph of her with the Afghan teenagers, whom she met in 2019 when they came to Washington, D.C., for a robotics competition.

The Wall Street Journal praised Reneau’s “pluck and enterprise,” and coyly suggested that President Joe Biden put her in charge of the chaotic evacuation efforts.

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