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July 6, 2018 - 11:00 PM

How do we lift people out of poverty? Do we cut their benefits and make them work for what they recieve? Do we cut their food benefits and monitor what they eat? Do we make it harder to get housing? Do we keep minimum wages low? Do we not allow working parents to receive help with childcare when they are working or seeking to educate themselves? Do we cut medical benefits and overlook the disabilities that some individuals have?

If you are in line with the current administration’s wishes, your answer would be yes. Surprisingly, this was also the tactic that Bill Clinton used in 1992 in an effort to bring the Republican Congress over to his side, with the outcome being the exact opposite of what was promised because, as you can see, Clinton’s cuts made poverty disappear.

Look around you. Really stop and see the people — not only those in our communities but in our country — who are living in extreme poverty. In the United States over 41 million people live below the federal poverty guidelines. And 140 million live under the threat of extreme poverty. A third of these people are children.

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