Impeachment no option for Democrats



July 30, 2019 - 10:00 AM

Think of the U.S. House hearings Wednesday with former special counsel Robert Mueller as a campaign-season debate over whether to proceed with impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Judging by their muted reactions Thursday, congressional Democrats — at least enough high-ranking Democrats — realize they don’t have a strong enough case to pursue impeachment now. And they know that nothing has changed for the Republican-controlled Senate, which wouldn’t convict him. “The only way he’s leaving office, at least at this point, is by being voted out,” Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who chaired one of the Mueller hearings, acknowledged Thursday on CNN.

For Democrats and others who dislike the president, that’s the sensible takeaway from Mueller’s investigation and testimony. That also has been House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s belief. She can say that _ for now at least — Wednesday took the air out of the push to begin impeachment proceedings: That is not the answer to a vexing, divisive president. Putting up a strong challenger in 2020 is the appropriate Democratic response.

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