It’s time to teach the ABC’s of LGBTQ



August 19, 2019 - 10:02 AM

Even though LGBTQ youth are increasingly accepted in schools across America, many classrooms do shockingly little to teach young people just how hard activists have fought — and continue to fight— for the recognition that LGBTQ people are equals in today’s society. 

Because of this, young people in the LGBTQ community remain on the margins of American education, neither truly seen nor heard, and their hetero counterparts are left with dangerous misconceptions of LGBTQ lifestyles and history. This needs to change.

While many students have a rudimentary understanding of basic LGBTQ history, having perhaps studied the Stonewall Riots or the legalization of gay marriage in America in 2015, many significant people and events in the LGBTQ rights movement are swept under the rug in modern history textbooks. Parents, ask your children if you dare: when was the last time they learned about a gay or lesbian figure in American history?

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