K-12 funds should not be used for college-level classes

Kansas legislators are proposing funds directed to school districts can also be used to cover college tuition for high-schoolers taking dual credit courses.



February 19, 2020 - 9:46 AM

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Addressing the cost of higher education in Kansas is important. Those who graduate from college have better career prospects, but they shouldn’t be burdened by lifelong, crushing debt.

That being said, a proposal in the Kansas Legislature that would allow K-12 school districts to cover college tuition costs for dually enrolled students is the wrong way to go. Money from the state general fund allocated to our public schools should be spent on our public schools, and on educating students in these early years.

That doesn’t mean the concept of allowing high school students to get a jump on college classes is bad or unworkable. Testimony from the executive director of public affairs for Wichita Public Schools suggests great promise for the idea. It would target and assist students who might be at risk of not attending college.

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