Letter to the editor – January 28, 2021

Dear editor,

In a letter to the editor published in the Register on July 27, 2019, I made a case for removing the traffic control light at the corner of Madison and Buckeye as  no longer being needed It was originally installed to allow students to cross Madison safely as they went to the Bowlus for classes. My reasoning got zero reception at city level.

With the pending removal of a house to a new location, the light will have to be removed, thus bringing up the subject before the city council again. Councilman Steve French suggested at the Jan. 11 meeting and reported in the Register on Jan. 14 that it is no longer needed for the same reasons I gave. Interim City Manager Corey Schinstock said he “would look at traffic studies and talk with others at the local and state level to determine whether the light can stay down.” When I read that, I thought it would be decided based on a professional technical look by state engineers who would decide whether the light would stay based on their findings.

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