Letter to the editor – October 17, 2020

Dear editor,

Dr. Roger Marshall has earned my vote for Senate. His past experience in the medical field and his support of legislation supporting pre-existing conditions make him the ideal choice. Marshall is a strong advocate of local control and law and order. He also supports lower taxes on the middle and lower income people. The bulk of his contributions have come from Kansas sources who have a genuine interest in the state. Marshall grew up in Kansas with traditional Kansas values and believes in hard work, honesty, and common decency.

I have known Jake LaTurner’s family for years, having taught with his mother. Jake believes in hard work, honesty, and traditional Kansas values. Jake will work for lower taxes and our right to keep and bear arms. Jake is very much pro-family, pro-education, and pro-second amendment. Jake supports stronger laws to combat criminal activity and greater support for schools who are caught in the middle of the pandemic.

I refuse to engage in the name-calling, distortions, and half-truths of some. Candidates should be elected on their merits-not on the faults of opponents.

R.W. Lamb,

Iola, Kan.



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