Letter to the editor – October 3, 2020

Dear editor,

I was born in 1930, so I lived through the World War II era. At the time, I never thought much about what had happened in Europe to cause that horrible disaster. I remember well the heartache neighbors and family suffered when they lost a loved one as we joined our allies to stop what was happening. 

As I aged and studied history and visited Europe the causes behind the war became clearer. The economy in Germany was in a deep depression at the time and the population was so discouraged that they listened to Hitler and his propaganda. By blaming the Jews and building division and hate, he was able to divide the population. So he and his Nazism took over Germany. In turn, the Italians fell for Mussolini’s Facism. With the help of the Germans and Italians, Spain’s Franco came into power. Russia had turned to communism. So the dictatorships and communism had taken democracy away on the continent.

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