Letter to the editor — January 5, 2013

Dear editor,
This is a comparison letter to “the letter to the editor” that appeared in the Dec. 24 Iola Register.
Don’t get me wrong, I like animals, but I do not love animals more than people and that seems to be more and more the norm in this country. Many more stories are written about the abuse of animals than about the abuse of children. Let’s be fair and show the abusive marks or burns on a child’s body like we do the abused cows in California or the monkey that was beaten, or all the cats and dogs we read about daily and how they are mistreated. Hundreds of children in this country are abused every day and many perpetrators get a slap on the wrist until they either maim or kill a child.
Makayla, Sarah, Dylan, Ciera and Cory are siblings waiting to find their forever family. Here are some reasons you should think about adopting.
Kansas currently has 850 children available for adoption with several sibling groups such as this one praying that their new family is out there somewhere looking to make a home for them.
Did you know that they get lonely and anxious? How do they find a family that will take five children? They have had many challenges in their lives and just want someone to love them unconditionally and keep them together.
There are many, many differences between animals and humans, including one of these children could become president or an astronaut, a school teacher or a scientist who finally finds the cure for all cancers. You will not find any animal capable of doing any of these things. Yes, we are very different from animals!
I challenge all of the residents of Allen County to look deep into your hearts and contemplate the adoption of a child or a sibling group.
To find the aforementioned children the website is www.adoptkskids.org
There are many joys and heartaches to raising any child and more than likely these available children will be a challenge, but who is going to raise them if we don’t step up? You have the opportunity to make a difference in this world. Foster homes are a stop-gap measure, not a solution.
We have three biological children and five adopted children. To look into the eyes of a grandchild on Christmas Day makes every moment we spent raising our children worthwhile. It is magical what a grandchild can do to your heart and it makes absolutely no difference whether they belong to a biological or an adopted child.
Ann Donaldson
Moran, Kan.

Dear editor,
Over this holiday season the Salvation Army raised $3,378.04 with the support of several local youth. The Iola Kiwanis Club has taken on this community service project for several years now and, in the past few years, has solicited support from our community. The dollars collected for the Salvation Army by ringing the bell at our local Walmart all stay within our Allen County community.
Thanks to the following Iola High School and 4-H organizations and their sponsors: StuCo-Dianne Kauth, National Honor Society-Amanda Thompson, and the IHS FCA-Bill Peeper; 4-H clubs and their respective sponsors were Iola City Slickers-Michelle Toney, Humboldt Logan Pals-Michelle Umholtz, and Moran Prairie Rose-Laura Johnson.
Thanks to Hanna Hoffman, ACC student Richard Freimiller, and Andy Amick and family for calling and volunteering their time to help with the bell-ringing. Thanks also to the Iola Kiwanis Club members who supported this effort with their time.
Not long ago, we would celebrate when our work for the Salvation Army brought in $1,000. By more than tripling that total this year, we are reminded of the exemplary spirit of giving in our community. It is only with this kind of support that we are able to proudly present our gift to the Salvation Army. Thanks to all who took the time to put money in the red kettle this holiday season. We received a great response from so many in our Allen County community.
Lonnie Larson,
Iola Kiwanis Club

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