Letter to the editor — August 23, 2011

I would like to say that I don’t understand how putting up a sign saying something like “USD 257 a School of Excellence” is insulting to other schools in our area. It is just saying that we are proud of our schools. Should we not be proud of our schools?
When our sports teams win at high levels, schools put signs out stating that they are state champions. Reaching a school of excellence is done by students testing at certain levels. Should we not be proud that our teachers are working with our children and reaching that mark?
I don’t know if Mr. Davidson knows it or not, but before Mr. Pekarek went to some of the clubs to ask for sponsorship he also contacted the other two school districts in the county and asked them to be a part of the signs. My understanding is he wanted signs with all three districts on them. Should he hold up and not do one for USD 257 when the other districts did not want to participate? I don’t feel that we should hold up. I say go forward with this project and show that we in USD 257 are proud of our schools.

Michael Ford
Iola, Kan.

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