Letter to the editor — May 31, 2017

Dear editor,
I am concerned that our county government started a practice of granting Allen County taxpayers’ money to be used to help fund small businesses such as a grocery store in Iola.
And now the commissioners are setting up a committee to recommend small businesses that would qualify in their minds as a need. Will they consider small farms?
What bothers me is where and when does this stop.
Just several weeks before the grocery store was given money, the animal shelter asked for rock for their parking lot but they were turned down because they are a small, private business. They are not a private business. They are a 501(c)3.
If you feel as I do, I would encourage you to call the county commissioner’s office at the Allen County Courthouse and express your concerns and tell them to stop giving away county tax dollars to private businesses. Phone 620-365-1406.
Gary Parker,
Moran, Kan.

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