Letter to the editor — May 20, 2018

Now that John Boehner has reversed his formerly intractable stance on the legalization of marijuana, it’s time that Kansas comes to the same conclusion. Boehner is now advocating for legalization on the basis that it is extremely useful for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, and that marijuana is a useful and safe alternative to opioids and other extremely addictive pharmaceuticals that are ruining our country and killing our citizens. It’s a start.

Cannabis has been a Schedule 1 drug since 1970 when the Nixon administration decided in its War on Drugs that pot had no known beneficial effects. Of course, in doing that, the DEA cut off any studies that might prove otherwise. After nearly 40 years, cannabis is still unstudyable, except by a few biased government labs that are hell-bent on proving that marijuana should remain a Schedule 1 classification. There are no official governmental studies proving that marijuana is non-lethal, has few if any harmful effects, or that it can and does cure certain kinds of cancer, or that it is the drug of choice for veterans with PTSD, or that our country would be better off using a cheap and natural substance to treat pain rather than allowing huge pharmaceuticals to distribute billions of highly addictive opioids off which they make money. My opinion? A lot of people in Congress are being bribed by liquor and pharmaceutical and private-prison lobbyists to keep this status quo going and going and going.

Everyone knows by now that marijuana is not the demon drug portrayed by “Reefer Madness,” one of several propaganda films put out by certain white-supremacist church groups to back their anti-marijuana, anti-”negro” agenda in 1936. The films continued to be shown through the ‘30s, ‘40s, and into the 1950s. Those films have since become hilarious cult films because of their preposterous insinuations that pot turned people into monsters. They’re very entertaining now, although at the time they were taken as gospel truth. Early fake news.

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