Letter to the editor — July 12, 2013

Dear editor,
It’s been brought to my attention recently that keeping a yard/lawn in “perfect” condition is the absolute No. 1 priority to quite a few individuals.
The point being — mine was not “up to par.” I’d let a patch of fescue grass about 10-foot square grow for about five years. But suddenly — this year — it became a problem for someone. I don’t give loud parties, don’t play loud music, don’t litter, don’t gossip, don’t mistreat my pets by letting them go without food, water or shelter, my yard has no old cars or appliances in it.
My crime: I let a patch of grass grow in my backyard.
This offense prompted a letter threatening legal action if I did not remove this menace — which I’ve done.
I’m writing this because I wonder and question our priorities. When we’re on our death bed, do you really believe we’ll be thinking, “Oh my God! My yard needs to be mowed and weed-eaten!”
Or, “Oh my God! The neighbor’s yard hasn’t been mowed in 10 days! It looks awful!”
I don’t think so.
No, I’m not a perfect housekeeper, nor a perfect “lawnkeeper.” Just average. (Even though many people seem to think this “perfection” is of absolute importance.) But like others of my mindset, I care more about ministering to people. And even caring for animals.
There are so many hurting people and there are those who only focus on “lawn perfection.”
Even caring for pets and abandoned and neglected animals is more important in the scope of things. And our local animal shelter struggles daily to keep afloat.
I find this very sad.
Sharon McCauley,

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