Letter to the editor — August 15, 2011

Dear Editor,

A green expert said if you like acid rain, coal-powered plants are the ones you want.
Those who are non-green on things are usually asking for trouble. Like those in years gone by thought cooking in lead pots and pans was the thing. Believe they analyzed the hair of Napoleon and found traces of lead, which he may have died of.
In around 1845, the ice in the north was melting, about like now. At that time a “Northwest Passage” was still in mind, and sailing ships tried to sail through the breakers. They had some success and carried a huge hoard of canned food. But most of the adventurers died, not so much from the weather, but from the canned food, sealed with lead.
It takes many failures before people get smart. When we feel the dumbest is when we learn the most, when you realize how much there is to know.
Will Rogers said, “Everybody’s ignorant, but on different subjects.”

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