Letter to the editor — November 4, 2010

Saturday night in the big town! Chuck and I just got home from going through the Weatherbie hay bale maze. What an experience, what entertainment for $4.
They have done an amazing job creating the haunted house, walkways and of course the hay bale maze.
I was told that there are about 160 big, round hay bales creating the maze. No flashlights were allowed, and it was so dark it was really scary — especially with the “spooks” that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Good thing the hay bales were soft so you didn’t get hurt when you ran into them.
The “spooks” were kind when needed if you got stuck in a dead end. My understanding is that all people who enter have come out alive and that no one has been lost forever.
It was really an amazing, fun time — but too scary. Don’t think I would go again — maybe in the daytime.

Emy Platt
Gas, Kan.