Letter to the editor — January 27, 2011

I want to thank Mayor Bill Maness for having faith in our City Administrator, Judy Brig-ham, and standing by her during this difficult time.
They both have done an excellent job in their duties and have always tried to see the best in Iola and put its citizens first.
They have helped Iola move forward by pursuing grant opportunities whenever possible. So many projects have been done in Iola without raising taxes to complete them. In this economy that is tremendous!
Others, many times, find it difficult to see a woman in a place of leadership. Mayor Maness never looked upon Judy as weaker or less competent because she was a woman.
I believe Judy will go down in history as one of the best city administrators Iola has ever had. Iola came through the devastating flood beautifully and with many accolades from other city and state leaders, and that is only one of the “feathers” she can put in her “cap” as city administrator.
I am very happy to see she has been retained until September, her retirement date, and yet, I am saddened to think of having to see her and Mayor Maness move on.
I am excited about the new city council form of government, though, and encourage everyone to get out and vote for the best candidates in their neighborhood. Please take the time to get to know the candidates and ask them questions, listen to their thoughts and ideas.
Let’s pick a mayor that will make Iola proud. One that won’t be a part of blunders as we just witnessed recently with our city administrator’s position. We need a mayor and council that will be willing to let the new city administrator do his or her job without being micro-managed.
Iola is a beautiful city, not only to our citizens, but to others who drive through or visit the community. Iola gets many “pats on the back” and is compared to Cha-nute, Parsons, Fort Scott, Independence and Coffeyville, al-though Iola is much smaller in population! We have a lot to be proud of and we need to make sure our new council and mayor have that same pride in Iola and will help Iola move forward in the future.
Thank you again, Mayor Maness and City Administrator Brigham. You have been wonderful leaders in our community and have shown us what honesty and dedication can do for a city. I appreciate the time you have given to serve my city.


Barbara (Chalker) Anderson,
Iola, Kan.

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