Letter to the editor — June 14, 2021

Dear editor,

This state of Kansas is a very good place for “slave labor.” We have long hours — 10-12 hour days — and low pay, anything less than $15 an hour. Some jobs only pay you $7.25 an hour, the state’s minimum wage.

None of this will support a family. And most will not support a single person.

You are not going to attract anybody with a brain with long hours, low pay and shoddy healthcare coverage.

The only choice is to leave Kansas for an employee-friendly state that recognizes the value of a well-compensated workforce. 

If you have to work in Kansas you have better have a very rich uncle.

Kansas, if you want anybody to work here, or come back here to work, get rid of your “right to work” laws. Bring in labor unions and start paying a decent living wage.

Beverly Curry,

Kincaid, Kan.