Letter to the editor — June 8, 2021

Dear editor,

Shortly after I moved to Iola Kansas in 2011 the City of Iola began discussions with the Allen County commission regarding Emergency Medical Services.  At that point in time Allen County ran a service that covered the county and the City operated a service just for the city area.  The discussions started in 2012 and continued through 2013.  A contract was signed in 2014 between Allen County and the City of Iola giving the City of Iola responsibility for operating the EMS service for the entire county with operating locations in Moran, Humboldt and Iola.  

We are now engaged in another round of discussions to determine how best to operate the EMS service within the parameters set by the county.  The county sent out an RFP (Request for Proposal) to get some options.  They will perhaps get a variety of proposals from private entities and one from the City of Iola.  

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