Letter to the editor — December 7, 2010

To the Editor,
Last year about this time there was an article in the newspaper about sending Christmas cards to recovering American soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
In December of 2008 I had received an e-mail with the same request. My mother and I sent Christmas cards to the hospital, only to have them returned.
On the envelope it said “Return to sender, not deliverable as addressed.”
I wrote a letter to the medical center wanting to know what I needed to do to get Christmas cards to the soldiers. It was also sent back.
They couldn’t deliver it because it didn’t have which department it needed to go to.
I have tried to find out how to get Christmas cards to them and no one seemed to know, or maybe I just didn’t ask the right persons.
Finally, I have found someone who has come up with an address. I ask you to please remember our American soldiers this Christmas season and send them Christmas cards.
I pray that this address will get the Christmas cards to them.
God bless you all.
Holiday Mail for Heroes, P.O. Box 5456, Capitol Heights, MD, 20791-5456,

Marsha Storrer,
Iola, Kan.

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