Letter to the editor — Sept. 22, 2020

Recent articles in The Iola Register and Osage County Herald have given the impression that enrollment declines have put the Allen Community College Campus in Burlingame in danger of immediate closure. 

I wanted to assure those we serve at that campus that, while we are concerned with the declining enrollment, we have not made any decisions regarding closure and would not do so without the same amount of research and thought that went into its opening. In a conversation with other community college presidents in a recent Zoom meeting, I learned that most colleges with outreach sites, Neosho at Ottawa, Cloud at Junction City, and several others, had experienced significant enrollment declines at those sites. The COVID-19 effect on enrollment overall has been quite negative and must be taken into account.  

No critical decision could be made in this environment. Hopefully, next year will begin to give us an opportunity to see what the “new normal” will be like. Burlingame will certainly be a part of that picture.  

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