Monday a milestone for Humanity House



March 8, 2019 - 5:31 PM

This Monday we are celebrating our 3rd birthday at Humanity House.  We hope you will stop by our office at 110 East St., anytime between 9-3, tour our building, and enjoy a beverage and a snack.  

We have set so many goals for ourselves that sometimes we forget how much we have accomplished in this short span of time. We have gone from meeting at Georgia Masterson’s house to having a building of our own. But not without lots of steps in between.

The number of things that we have done has not kept us from achieving our goals. Projects pop up, and ideas are always circling our office. We are lucky to have had amazing people on our board of directors who have always been willing to say “yes, we can” and who believe that anything is possible if we just put our heads together and think outside of the box. Not too many ideas were shot down in the last three years. The only one that comes to mind was a fundraiser where I would hang from a cherry picker, dressed as a pinata and let kids take a whack at me. (That may still happen.) 

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