Now we can cross off a new kitchen



March 22, 2019 - 5:02 PM

Three years ago, Humanity House set some goals: a food pantry that would be open five days a week; a full line of educational and fun classes that would be free and open to everyone; a building of our own, free and clear of any debt; a garden space that would allow us to grow fresh produce for everyone;  laundry facilities that would allow individuals and families to have clean clothing and bedding; enough fundraising to help families and individuals with utilities; a list of resources that would provide a direction for people in need of things we did not have; a way to open the eyes of the general public to poverty and the stigma that is attached to it, and a kitchen  and all that it entails. 

Today, all of those things have finally come true for us. Today we received word that we are the recipients of an extremely generous donation that will complete the funding for our kitchen.

This is not the last dream that we have, but it has the most difficult to obtain and to us one of the most important. 

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