Optimistic words amid dark undercurrents

She stuck to that campaign message and won. Now she’s sticking to it as her second term begins. Unfortunately, Republican leaders have their own calamitous agenda in mind.



January 25, 2023 - 5:46 PM

Gov. Laura Kelly approaches the House chamber for her State of the State speech Tuesday. KANSAS REFLECTOR/SHERMAN SMITH

Laura Kelly knows what works for the majority of Kansans.

She’s down to earth, plainspoken, and a temperamental and political moderate. Two successive tall Republican men have run against the diminutive Democrat, and each has paid a price for underestimating her political savvy.

So perhaps we should pay attention to what the governor said Tuesday night at her delayed State of the State address. No other statewide politician has a better sense of what Kansans want or how to deliver it to them. Her internal thermometer has been exquisitely calibrated to match the temperature of ordinary Kansans.

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