Public schools strapped by COVID

While this may seem like a lot of taxpayer money, COVID-19 has devastated traditional schooling in Kansas; moreover, the stimulus is meant for pandemic control and disaster recovery.  It’s not meant to replace state funding for education that covers school operational expenses and teacher salaries.



December 29, 2020 - 9:10 AM

As a weary world struggles to celebrate this holiday season the challenges for Kansas schools and the families they serve are monumental. Fortunately, two key COVID-related events bring hope — the promise of new vaccines to protect us from the virus and a stimulus package to ease the nation’s economic and social adversity.

We’ll learn more about vaccine distribution to educators and school workers in coming weeks. It’s also too early to know Kansas’ share of education funds in the stimulus bill sent to President Trump last week. At this writing, the president is requesting more funding be added before he signs the bill into law. 

However, a look at what’s expected for K-12 education at the national level has been published by Future-Ed, a Georgetown University think tank and the National Association of Elementary School Principals. The review summarizes the 5,593 page package and earmarked funds remaining from the first stimulus (March CARES Act).  

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