Senate should take Bolton up on offer



January 9, 2020 - 10:30 AM

President Donald Trump and John Bolton, the former national security adviser, on April 9, 2018.

On Monday, former national security adviser John Bolton, one of a handful of top White House officials with direct knowledge of President Donald Trump’s actions and views regarding Ukraine, announced that he was ready to testify about what he saw and heard. But on Tuesday, the Senate Republican leadership said, in effect, “We’re not interested.”

Instead, GOP leaders announced that they have the votes to begin Trump’s impeachment trial, and they intend to do so without promising that witnesses would be called or documents subpoenaed. Maybe, just maybe, such evidence will be collected later in the process if enough Republicans change their minds after the trial gets underway.

That’s an outrageous dereliction of their constitutional duty. Bolton has made the Senate an offer it cannot refuse — firsthand information about the matter in dispute — and the Senate needs to take him up on it promptly.

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January 9, 2020