Society owes a debt of gratitude to foster parents



January 7, 2020 - 10:22 AM

For all of the recent reporting about challenges in the Kansas foster care system — and make no mistake, there are gigantic ones — we should take a moment as this year begins to acknowledge those who step up to be foster parents.

So many children in the system come from difficult and trying circumstances. Their stories vary, but can include physical and sexual abuse, neglect or other unspeakable harms. What they need most is a caring, stable, loving environment. And those who open their doors to these kids are doing a wonderful thing.

Foster care isn’t meant to be — nor should it be in the vast majority of cases — a permanent solution. Families can be strengthened and reunited. Especially in cases where simple poverty is at the base of the problem, the state should step in with needed resources. But as these solutions are being implemented, as environments are being made safe and welcoming, children need a place to flourish.

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